Gender Education and Advocacy

A Repository for Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Postcards, Films, Personal Papers, Ephemera, and Other Transgender Material

The National Transgender Library & Archive, housed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serves as a repository for transgender-related materials of all types. Holdings range from autographed copies of Christine Jorgensen’s autobiography and Dr. Harry Benjamin's groundbreaking 1966 book The Transsexual Phenomenon to two complete sets of Virginia Prince’s Transvestia (and two pairs of her old shoes) and Female Impersonator Magazine. The NTL&A includes hundreds of books and journal articles dating from the 19th century.

Those interested in visiting the NTL&A should contact Julie Herrada, Curator, Labadie Collection, 7th Floor, Hatcher Graduate Library, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205, 734/764-9377 (voice), 734/764-9368 (FAX), e-mail

Note: Many of these files are exceptionally large, and may take a few extra seconds to lead, even on high-speed connections.

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Current as of 1998